Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New website and SRI support

You might have noticed our new website and logo.
It took a while but its finally live.

Some of the changes that happened:
  • New design and logo. More pages added explaining our features
  • Written from scratch on node.js. No more PHP
  • Smart search powered by Algolia
  • A big focus was made on our combination feature. You can now visually create your combined URLs using the "Collection" functionality
  • Fully open sourced and updated repo https://github.com/jsdelivr/www.jsdelivr.com
  • Added a sponsors page to encourage to contributions to jsDelivr 
  • A debug tool was added to help people find potential issues
  • Statistics were added. We tried to add as much information as we could with more coming soon.

Subresource Integrity (SRI)

Along with the above changes we also added SRI support into our "Collections" functionality.
SRI makes sure that the file loaded from the CDN is the one you expect and was not modified in any way. This protects your site from malware and other potential security risks.
To generate SRI links on jsDelivr all you have to do is to select the files you want to use and then go to "Collections" and select the "SRI" option.

If you noticed one file doesn't have an SRI. Thats because Chrome has a buggy implementation that breaks files containing UTF-8 characters. This bug is not present in Firefox Developer Edition which also supports SRI, but to ensure a smooth experience for all users we decided to temporary stop generating hashes for those files.

Also make sure you never manually generate SRI hashes for dynamic jsDelivr files. It is only compatible with 100% static files.
For example our version aliasing feature is not compatible because it will update the contents of the files changing the hash and preventing the file from loading on your site.

I hope you liked it!
Next we plan updating our API to v2 with a more stable backend and more functionality.

Feel free to join our project and contribute, everyone is welcomed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

KeyCDN joins jsDelivr

KeyCDN is a CDN provider based in Switzerland with a global anycast network and lots of international clients. Even though they are a fairly new company (2012) they already have all the features we require from a core CDN provider such as SPDY, custom SSL+CNAME and Cedexis community data, something that a lot of big players still don't offer.

Today we announce that they are joining the jsDelivr platform and from now on will be serving traffic to all of our users. (commit)
KeyCDN along with MaxCDN and CloudFlare will be a core CDN which means that our load balancing algorithm will treat them equally in all countries and will base the selection strictly on performance. Core providers are the backbone of our network and we have strict requirements to ensure our superb performance and uptime.

KeyCDN Network Map

With the inclusion of KeyCDN we now get a few new locations such as Valencia in Spain and Moscow in Russia plus lots of POPs in existing locations that will offer us better peering with local ISPs increasing the performance overall. KeyCDN also plans adding lots of other locations that we don't have! Cant wait for Mexico!

But mostly we are excited for the new Moscow POP location, this will greatly improve our performance in Russia and surrounding countries such as Ukraine. We have lots of users over there with major websites such as vesti.ru using us.
jsDelivr Performance in Russia

Welcome KeyCDN!