Friday, February 15, 2013

jsDelivr 2.0 changelog and some thoughts

I am happy to announce jsDelivr's first redesign.
Its now based on Twitter's Bootstrap and features a number of improvements. 
Here is a changelog:
  • The origin server was moved to Github. It means that all changes made to the Github repo are synced to the CDN. I hope this will help to create a community that will help jsDelivr grow even bigger.
  • The homepage is not static any more. It shows the first 5 projects in the DB.
  • All results now only show 2 CDN links by default. A "Show more" button will allow you to see the rest of the links. The result is a much cleaner and browsable website.
  • Before, to view the links of an older version of a project you had to be on the project's page because the project name was taken from the URL hashbang. You could not use it directly in the search results. This was fixed and you can now use it anywhere you want.
  • When you request the update of a project you can now enter your email. This will resolve an issue I had. Half of the update requests were not processed because I could simply not find the new version. Now I will be able to contact the user to get more information. 
  • Github links were added along with the homepage. If a project doesn't have a homepage then the github link will be used in both cases.
  • Better UI and typography. Everything is bigger and cleaner.
  • Search improvements:
    • A small delay was added before an Ajax request will run.
    • Unique pages and permalinks. Before a "bootstrap" search request or permalink would match at least 3 projects containing the word "bootstrap". Now its considered a unique permalink and will only match the project named "Bootstrap". If you want to see the others you will have to type for example "bootstra" or "bootstrap."
  • Experimental use of tags next to each project. Currently the system can recognize some jquery plugins,wordpress, bootstrap plugins and fonts.
  • An "Integration" button was added. Each time its pressed, it will run an ajax request to get the file list of the project and version selected. After that it will output only the javascript and css files of the project, ready to be copy pasted into your website.
  • The back-end was partially rewritten, making the code more readable and easier to extend and use.
  • A proper FAQ page was created. Send me emails if you want me to add anything else.
  • A Network page was added showing the location of jsDelivr's CDN. Once it goes live more information will be listed with details of the setup.
  • packages.php was moved to Its now hosted by AppFog,Memcachier and Xeround. 


  • Fill in the "About" page.
  • More information regarding jsDelivr's infrastructure and back-end.
  • Donation page.
  • Finally create a favicon.
  • Fix "Show more" when loading a different version. (no idea how)  
  • Get project info from Github via API. (worth it?)
  • A real API. (Any suggestions?)

Just stuff:

  • Lots of webmasters are skeptic about using jsDelivr because they don't know anything about what happens behind the curtains. So from now on I am trying to make it as transparent as possible. If you are one of those users please email me with the information you would like to know that would make you comfortable with using jsDelivr. I would appreciate that and it would help many people.
  • I am always looking for possible ways to promote jsDelivr. Let me know if you think of something. Plus if you want to guest post/be an author/interview/benchmark or something else, do the same thing, contact me.
  • I cant wait for the new infrastructure to be ready. Right now I just wait for the sponsor companies to release some new features that will allow me to use them with jsDelivr. HTTPS is my eternal problem, if it wasn't for it, right now the jsDelivr network would be huge.
  • Any developers out there that want to host something on jsDelivr? The rules are really flexible, just let me know. It would be great for jsDelivr to become your official CDN.
  • Same goes for WordPress developers. wp-slimstats already has integrated jsDelivr as a feature. Anybody else interested?
I think thats it. You can mail me at [email protected] or leave a comment here.
Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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